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Organic Soy Sauce 250ml

Organic Soy Sauce Bottle 250mL Naturally Brewed

Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Organic Soy Sauce is made using Certified organic Soy beans, combined with Certified Organic wheat, Certified Organic Salt and water. Nothing more, It is naturally brewed, creating a clean, fresh and balanced taste refined by months of ageing, Resulting in a subtle taste which does not overpower the natural flavour of food. Like all our soy sauce products Kikkoman Certified Organic Soy Sauce is ideal for all types of dishes.


Water, Organic soybeans, Organic Wheat, Salt (Contains alocohol v/v from the natural brewing process)

Nutritional Table

Nutrition InformationAve Quantity per 100mL
  - saturated0g
  - trans fat0g
  - sugars2.3g