Food Service Usukuchi - Light Colour Soy Sauce 1L

Usukuchi - Light Colour Soy Sauce 1L

Light Soy Sauce 1 Litre Bottle

Japan's answer to light soy sauce, not to be confused with Chinese light soy sauce. Usukuchi is lighter in colour and salter than the regular Kikkoman soy sauce. The bright amber notes are reflecting in a rich umami flavour. Used primarily in western Japan, namely the Kansai region (Kyoto/Osaka). Usukuchi is used to enhance dishes without darkening the ingredients. Ideal for seasoning steamed vegetables, udon noodles and broths and enhancing the flavour of light coloured sauces.


Water, Salt, Soybean (11%), Wheat, Rice, Alcohol. Contains 3.4% alcohol v/v, from the natural brewing process.

Nutritional Table

Nutrition InformationAve Quantity per 100mL
  - saturated0g
  - trans fat0g
  - sugars2.1g


Code Description Unit Units / case Serving size No serves per unit
Usukuchi - Light Colour Soy Sauce 1L 12 15ml 66